We offer a range of garden services so that you can choose the level of work you would like undertaken. We can design and build your whole garden from start to finish, provide a design only service for you to work from, create planting plans for areas of your garden or build specific features such as patios, walls and garden rooms.

Garden Design Process

Client Consultation

This is an initial visit to see and discuss your garden. It will enable us to get a feeling for how you will be using the garden and the style of garden you are hoping for. We can offer advice and suggestions and give an indication of what design work will be necessary. We charge a small fee for this service which will be waived if you go on to commission a design.

Site Analysis and Survey

Once you have decided to proceed with the garden design, we will carry out a full site analysis. We will record factors such as the garden’s aspect and soil type and take full measurements, noting the position of any features or plants that are to be retained.

Hand-drawn Garden Designs & Planting Plans

You will receive a bespoke, completely hand-drawn, scale plan of the proposed garden, complete with planting plan. It will include detailed drawings of any complex elements. This will be presented to you in person if you wish so that you have an opportunity to discuss it and understand it fully.

Prices for designs start from £550 (plus survey and consultation charges) for a small garden.


A full landscaping service is offered for clients within Norfolk and North Suffolk. If you would like to develop the garden gradually, we can schedule to undertake the work for you, project by project, at a rate that suits you. This is an ideal way to spread the cost of the job.

We can undertake the construction of an entire garden design or help with individual projects. Please visit our Portfolio page for examples.